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Monday, 25 April 2011

Candy Land

So I am dreaming about sugar.... seriously... literary dreaming about sugar.

I really am an addict. Ha! I feel like a downtrodden, shaky, sugar deprived creature, well I did for days 1 and 2! I will step up to the front and declare myself a sugar addict. My eyes dart around shopping centres at all the special goodies the world, or should I say big companies with lots and lots of my money, have created just for me :-) or so the advertisements are telling me. These delicious sugary goods, aren't just in one flavour of sugar, oh no, there are many varieties and colours that decorate the magical aisles of sweet sweet sucrose. I tried not to shop there of course, I got my grass fed meat from the butchers, coconut oil/flour etc from 'The Nut Shoppe', fruit and veg from the markets, fish from the fishmongers, but you know, I needed sponges.

I did well. Only one non Paleo item left with us that day of supermarket hell; a packet of gluten free, dairy free, chocolate mint biscuits. I know I know it hasn't been 30 days yet! But it was Easter Sunday the next day- I really needed something to put in my Easter egg hunt. John had written the clues and I woke like I do every Easter; excited for my Easter hunt. The clues were pretty tricky- but I eventually found my chocolate treats- I devoured the first.. mmm good. The second I also ate immediately. The third I shared with John and then, something uncharacteristic happened to me. I threw away treats 4, 5 and 6. I threw them away. I still can't believe it as I type. All those dreams, all that shopper anxiety and what did I do when I eventually got a taste, threw them away thinking, "they're too sweet". Too sweet! Amazing. Three days and I can't handle more than three biscuits!

To be honest they just made me feel a bit sick and made me desire real food. It's on sugar!

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  1. "my eyes dart around shopping centres at all the special goodies the world" lol!