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Trying different ways to optimise life health and happiness by eating real food and bulding strength. I used to have migraines every fortnight that would put me out for days. I ate a lot of sugar in it's classic sweet form and in its filling bread/pasta form. I was always tired and weak but never overweight- so I never questioned my diet. Until someone else did. Now I barely ever get migraines, I am strong and getting stronger. I am more active than I have ever been.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

mmmmmm Fat

Our next venture, getting some healthy fats to cook our food in. The tiny amount of bacon fat I salvaged is just not going to cut it as a long term plan :), so next week at the butchers I'll investigate buying some animal fat and have a go at rendering it myself. I'll probably go for the dry rendering technique, but I may need to buy one on these special cloths or a fine mesh sieve (I don't think mines fine enough). I wonder were these magic cloths are made and sold. I don't even know what they are really- like a fine mesh, but I suppose natural with no colours- I doubt a chuck cloth would be appropriate. Hmm I'll investigate (google) this.

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