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Trying different ways to optimise life health and happiness by eating real food and bulding strength. I used to have migraines every fortnight that would put me out for days. I ate a lot of sugar in it's classic sweet form and in its filling bread/pasta form. I was always tired and weak but never overweight- so I never questioned my diet. Until someone else did. Now I barely ever get migraines, I am strong and getting stronger. I am more active than I have ever been.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 31- Monday 23rd May 2011

Day 31- Paleo: Got the DOMs!
Breakfast: Omelet (eggs, spinach, capsicum, red onion, courgette, carrot, garlic)
Lunch: Left over roast
Snacks: Pineapple and grape mix, chopped carrot and cucumber with beetroot dip. Left over chicken leg stuffed with pork and pistachios. 

Dinner: Thai fish cakes (white fish, red capsicum, spinach, peas, cauliflower, red onion, garlic, ginger) with carrot and leeks (fried in lard).

Dessert:Nuts, grapes with coconut milk and a 1/2 glass of red wine.

Water: 2 litres

Feeling awesome! Looking forward to cooking and going round Kat's, bit rushed today but not really letting these things get to me anymore. Looking skinny! Boot Camp was hard but definitely what my arms need!
Skin: chin spot- some comments about how my skin looks though :-)
Headache: No sign of anything!
Sinus: bit snuffly
Tummy: I was hungry today- but I did work hard at boot camp, had some extra nuts after we got back from Kat's before bed. Woke up ready for breakfast!!

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