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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

For the Donnas and Sandys out there!

Well I feel great- and I have felt like this for 14 days in a row- not one tummy pain, headache, no fatigue, no lazy stints, notta!

Of course I am meeting some obvious challenges by changing my diet, still craving the sugary foods (i don't think it'll ever truely leave me), dinner parties at friends houses, eating out, and one thing I really did not expect.... angry or disapproving comments from other people!

I really thought people would just shrug their shoulders and let me do my thing, that discussions would be informative, challenging and interesting (it is with the Donnas and Sandys!). But I have met some hostile and bitter reactions. Usually from people who have a dietician in the family and still beleive whole grains are good for you, or people who obviously need to change their own diets but don't want to.

I would understand the reactions if I was on a Paleo crusade! However, I am openly talking about my diet changes without trying to push it on people. Who knows, maybe I do sound preachy when people ask- but they ask!! If you want to keep your head in the sand people don't ask!

I am also being challenged in a positive way. A couple of people at work have been quite interested in my recent changes and they ask many thought provoking questions. They ask why, and what, and how. I am trying my best to answer or find the answers in books and blogs- but it is good to be challenged on this level and really consider my diet, instead of following the Paleo gurus blindly. That may work for some, but not fo rme. I love to understand why and how something works.

So on that note I have added some links I have been talking about with Donna and Sandy at work:

This link explains "fat burning" as opposed to "carb burning" and has a lovely graph showing the amount of carbs you should include in a diet (obviously healthy carbs such as fruit and veg, not bread and potato- so you can optimise your nutrient and vitamin intake)

This one is about intermittent fasting- no I am not starving myself! And I do not do it to loose weight!

Donna here is how to make kefir!

I am reading this guys book- here is a quick bit on cholesterol

Some pro fat links- debating the lack of evidence there is for saturated fat and heart disease. There are LOADS of studies on the net looking at this. But basically- there never was a firm link between the two- it all stemed from the McGovern report.

The first link is the best- simple and clear.

Keep on challenging me guys :-)

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