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Thursday, 2 June 2011

24 hour wait... <-- this is why

It is a fasting day today. I have successfully fasted around 12-15 hours twice before and found that I did not feel bad, no shakes like I used to get when skipping a meal, no slumps in energy, just a normal feeling. Of course, I intermittently feel a bit "peckish" but no stomach pains that are causing distraction.

The first time was totally unplanned as I have read is a great way to get a fast in, I just forgot my lunch! The second was a road trip with a friend to Sydney- that one was harder, I ended up in quite a bad mood when I got home as I watched her consume MacDonald's, coke, apple and  a donut- the fact I can remember that just shows how obsessed I was feeling by food. I made it, but poor John bore the brunt of Bitch Suze when I returned. It didn't help that dinner was a disaster and I freaked out a little. All was good- I sure that happened to Grok a few times.

Today is my first 24 hour fast.
I felt like I ate a lot yesterday, I was showering after soccer and thought, I am going to try a fast tomorrow. John had lunch all ready but I figured- eat it on Friday! So no breakfast, no snacks, no lunch. I had a green tea so far at 8am and I think I'll have another one at lunch break. Going to try and achieve a lot of work this afternoon. However, dinner tonight is going to take a while- pumpkin and broccoli gnocchi with veal in a spinach and tomato sauce. A test of patience, I even thought I could stick the potatoes and pumpkin on to boil and go out for some sprints. Then whilst they are cooling- do the housework at pace. Like I've had to earn the food- Grok style (well I am not chasing animals- but you know what I mean!). Finish off dinner, John to wash whilst I prepare tomorrow morning and off to Kat's with some dessert (probably apple and a date and a sausage and some avocado with balsamic) for Thrones!

Bit of a rushed night -but if I get home at 5pm I reckon dinner will be finished by 7pm. Kat's By 7.30-8?

The idea is- no time to think about my rumbly tummy! At school I am going to get down in the classroom tidying during lunch- plan with heather- train Audrey and Sandy- Go get John early (hopefully 4.30) and get home to start this evenings plans!

I am feeling hungry- but it has been 17 hours since dinner- and I am an eater! The smells from the staff room are hard and the canteen smelt great earlier! But I know that I don't need the food. I will be fine, and healthier for it- if I last till dinner.

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