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Trying different ways to optimise life health and happiness by eating real food and bulding strength. I used to have migraines every fortnight that would put me out for days. I ate a lot of sugar in it's classic sweet form and in its filling bread/pasta form. I was always tired and weak but never overweight- so I never questioned my diet. Until someone else did. Now I barely ever get migraines, I am strong and getting stronger. I am more active than I have ever been.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 41: Thursday 2nd June 2011

Day 41- The Fast

No breakfast or Lunch or Snack
Dinner: Homemade Gnocchi with potato, pumpkin, and broccoli. With Veal, onion, garlic, spinach and tomato sauce.
Dessert: Natural Pastured Yoghurt with apple and nuts, cold sausage and a hard boiled egg, Date. Warm berries with coconut milk. 

Water: 1 litre, green tea x3
I was obviously peckish all day, but no real hunger pains. Normal consistent energy levels, little shaky with anticipation of food at about 22 hours in- dinner was cooking. Stress levels were much better than last time- I stayed patient to the end. Dinner was gorgeous :-) was thankful for my snacks also when at Kat's house. Possibly ate too much after fast- but didn't feel bloated as with carbs.
Headache: I didn't get one- but I had the feeling that it was going to start all day- had that a tiny bit all week really.
Sinus: Blocked on one side- dry in nose, dripping at back.Mild sinus pain. Dairy?
Skin: Not great- little tiny spots on forehead (never had that before) bags are back- possibly dairy induced? Cut it out again and see?
Tummy: Fine

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