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Trying different ways to optimise life health and happiness by eating real food and bulding strength. I used to have migraines every fortnight that would put me out for days. I ate a lot of sugar in it's classic sweet form and in its filling bread/pasta form. I was always tired and weak but never overweight- so I never questioned my diet. Until someone else did. Now I barely ever get migraines, I am strong and getting stronger. I am more active than I have ever been.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day 43: Saturday 4th June 2011

Day 43- Birthday ghosts
Breakfast: Left over mini burgers with mushrooms and veggie hash.
Lunch:Sashimi (yellow fin tuna) with left over beetroot and spinach salad.

Snack: Cheat muffin (little honey, cocoa, almond meal, grated orange peel, juice from orange, egg) with cream.

Dinner: Paleo Pizza (base = coconut flour, flax seed, egg, coconut cream and garlic, with red onion, tomato paste, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, polish salami (grass fed), 2 yr chedder). Cheat muffin and cream

Party: Cheat muffin and cream, glass of white wine, glass of riccadona, glass of mango daquari V sugary :-(

Water: 1 litre, green tea x 1, black tea with cream.

Not too bad, think dairy may have had a reaction- snuffly nose, sinus pain, very mild headaches compared to usual though. Sugar intake today was high, felt weird at the party, had a little sugar high and crashed completely- made it till 1am, but was suffering from about 10.30pm.
Skin: Same
Sinus: blocked nose
Headache: left sinus pain, and eye.
Tummy: fine

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