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Trying different ways to optimise life health and happiness by eating real food and bulding strength. I used to have migraines every fortnight that would put me out for days. I ate a lot of sugar in it's classic sweet form and in its filling bread/pasta form. I was always tired and weak but never overweight- so I never questioned my diet. Until someone else did. Now I barely ever get migraines, I am strong and getting stronger. I am more active than I have ever been.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 59: Monday 20th June 2011

Breakfast: pre workout: Sweet potato mash with whey powder. Post workout: chicken salad (chicken, cos, spinach, dried apricots, egg)

Snack: egg and sausage, veggie salad (carrot, courgette, cucumber)
Lunch: Left over lamb stew
Dinner: Nachos! (Homemade macho chips- parsnips, red caps, flaxseed, sweet potato) with mince, chilli, onion, garlic, salsa (avocado, red onion, red capsicum) and sour ceam.
Drinks: 1.5 litres, balck tea with milk, 

Great boot camp, good morning, started getting a migraine mid day- full on by the time I got home, in fact left work early. Slept a lot.
Headache: 8/10- right side
Skin: looking good
Tummy: fine
Sinus: sniffly and cheek pai- right side

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