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Monday, 18 July 2011

Steak mmmm

Love roast veggies :-) easy and by far one of the tastiest ways to enjoy them- have you tried cauliflower roasted in coconut oil.. OMG... so awesome. AND you get to enjoy some healthy fats along the way- I mainly roast in coconut oil and sometimes lard. Today was coconut oil for the roasting and lard for grilling the steaks. I am new to okra and choko- choko just went out of season according to one of the farmers at the market so I had to get some from Fyshwick food market instead. I love love love choko- never even heard of the vegetable, if your not sure what they are either here is the wiki link:
They are pretty much low in everything- except fibre :-) in fact most of the carbs in it are fibre not sugar. So very low on glycemic load. Lots of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. Mostly water- very refreshing even when roasted!

Anyway, I IF'ed until 1.30pm today and broke my fast with some sausages and a mandarin. Went home and had lunch at about 2.30pm left overs from yesterdays lamb kebabs and "no potato" salad. Was still hungry so had some coconut cream and nuts, then coconut cream mixed with a 1/4 tsp of cocoa powder.

And dinner was:

Roasted Okra and Choko with a sirloin steak

I cooked up some cheaper steak to go in a salad for tomorrows lunch- leftover roast veggies, cos, spinach and raw broccoli.

All set for tomorrow :-) Non work out day so cooked breakfast mmmm.

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