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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hazards of internet browsing

Okay I am back on track! Had a night out and a few too many cheats on the weekend and now have a sore throat and blocked nose- AGAIN! This happened last time I fell off the wagon, last time I guessed the two were link- this time I am pretty sure. The thing is, my migraines are usually linked the sinus pain and neck pain- linked to infections? Who knows... it is hard to tell.

It is so hard to truly know what diet is healthy- I mean I freaked out about fat again the other day. Then I worry that I am eating too many carbs. It would probably be good to measure my food one week as I reckon I am over estimating! Then you have "gurus" of the paleo way changing their mind after 14 years.... that makes you reevaluate! I am feeling "fat" again lately, I leaned out heaps in the beginning, but now its all back around the middle. I don't want to calorie restrict too much... I am unsure of what to do. Keep eating paleo- if I ease off on the fat I'll be hungry. Should I count the carbs? My nails are soft again... maybe I am missing a micro nutrient, it could just be the effect of falling of the wagon the last few weeks. Maybe these effects disappear quickly.

I am thinking more fish- more green leafys and less starchy tubers (unless a workout). Oh and some nuts again. This is pretty much what we did at the start of our Paleo journey.

I am getting very confused right now and I feel like I need to read Robb Wolf's book again to understand a few things about carbs and fats.

The Internet can be a daunting mess of opinions mixed in with fact.

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