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Monday, 5 September 2011

App to help you make better choices.

Interesting link to a new app released in Melbourne today to help you navigate the sugar, fat and sodium in your food choices.

From what it looks like this app is for people who eat packaged food (if we can call it food). However, they are still eating crap even if the little lights show green.

I might make an app that flashes up "eat some broccoli" or "how about a fish?" or "go for devour a coconut".

I mean, who decided that certain levels of sugar, fat and sodium are bad- how do they know what else I have eaten that day? I might have had zero fat that day- and that intake would be fine. It doesn't account for individual differences at all- it just puts an arbitary value on these foods supposed to make people make better choices- I'll tell what's a better choice- don't eat things if you don't know what they are made of.

AND what if this goes further and they start "rating" real foods- my coconut oil, lard, butter, steak will probably get a big red mark- when I actually know that these foods are benificial for me... it's a worry.

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