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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Strength training VS Metcon?

So glad to be eating real food again. My body is starting to feel better, less bloating and my "wheat belly" is slowly reducing in size. Still a bit low on energy but I am expecting that to return soon- we have been very busy moving house and very busy at work with the kids.

Still trying to find that balance though- we have been eating a heavy red meat diet this week, I feel a little slugish actually. I am craving some extra vegetables. Next week I am going to load up the greens a bit more and add at least 2 nights of seafood. Then see how I feel :-)

My brain is having trouble understanding the whole idea that you do not need heaps of cardio to have a good body size. I have started strength training at the gym (should prob put my program up here too) but I feel so lazy! Instead of an intense 45min of metcon at boot camp, I am lifting some heavy weights...wait stare at the clock.... lift again... is this really working...clock....lift.... am I wasting time?
Then I eat some food and I feel like I haven't done enough at the gym! I only really break a sweat in my 10min circuit at the end. I suppose it will get harder and more exhausting as my weights hit maximum....
I need to understand this more. I probably need to do some reading on how your body uses the fuel you eat to build muscle etc... send me some good links if you find some :-)

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  1. it will get harder as your weight builds up.

    can always extend your metcon at the end from 10mins to 12mins or 15mins!?

    got to remember body size is primarily dictated by diet (after your genes)...the exercise is more for whether you want to also be flexible/strong/stamina or just super lean.

    i will get some links for you if desired.