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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why do I keep creating civil war in my brain...

So had some non paleo dinner parties with some non paleo friends... didn't work out so great for me in the end. Our non paleo friends are lovely people who served up lovely food-

The first; pasta (with rocket, chilli, lemon juice) with garlic crumpets and banana bread to finish- she is Italian and this was expected, I just said to myself once will be fine... er nope it wasn't.

Well it might have been but then dinner number two: roast (very paelo, veggies and chicken) but I chose to have dessert (chocolate cake and icecream), I thought, just a small bit, it'll be fine, besides I didn't eat any bread or crackers, rude not to.... er not fine. Within 1/2 an hour of dessert I went quiet and the migraine began :-(

The migraine knocked me out on Sunday, made me struggle on Monday and is just annoying today. BUT what is worse is the cravings... all I want is high carb, refined, sugary foods.

It is like I handed out a drug to the population in my brain- 1/2 of them are coming down from the most amzing high and want more, the others are recovering from being sick and want to outlaw sugar completely!

The battle commences. Considering I work next to cake and live with my unhealthy parents it has been a constant struggle these last two days. I had some birthday cake yesterday- only to make my migraine worse, then 1 biscuit at home, not any better.

My taste buds have changed back really fast- no taste for my AMAZING salmon I bought for this week- the tongue has been over ridden by the drug crazed sugary side.
My stomach doesn't like almonds again- massive cramps, this only happens when I eat grains first... weird.

Part of brain really wants to be clean and get rid of these drug addicts, but another part keeps saying f*ck it let's get some KFC and a bounty bar and some more cake.

I am offficially dangling from the wagon, the healthy soldiers are feeling tired and the well of will power is drying up. Enough metaphors for you?

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