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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Working next to cake

So it is the big staff meeting again. Bring a plate to share. It's just too hard.

Yesterday at work there was a table absolutely loaded with sugary foods as a farewell for a girl at work, this would be alright if it happened.. once a month? but nope, we have a table full of sugary foods ever week if not twice a week. There were normal lamingtons, chocolate inside lamingtons, timtams, chocolate cookies, chocolate swiss roll, fruit salad (the bad kind- tinned syrup), a cheesecake, raisin bread and crisps. on one table for our staff of like 20 people... nuts. I was pretty good yesterday, not much will power needed, I just didn't want any... weird. I must be fat adapted again.

So, again tonight people are bringing a plate for the staff meeting. I know there will be lasagne, pasta, slices, bread, cheese, cake... hopefully some salad! I'm not sure if this will be considered rude or not but, I have brought my own dinner and will eat it just before the meeting and then nibble of some dark chocolate whilst the others eat. I rekon it will just be easier that way, rather than looking at this array of food going, I can't eat that, and that, and that. Instead I eat none of it and just enjoy my dinner, then I will be full!

That's my plan to stay Paleo today. Oh and I am fasting up until my dinner- so I will devour my lovely homemade burgers, salad, leftover mince with brussels, an avocado and some chocolate. yum yum!

Bah! I just realised my other meeting at southern cross will have an afternoon tea! That is going to take some will power... they always have sticky buns, biscuits, cake, cheese and crakers... sigh that is gonna be near the end of my fast! This is going to be a tempting day- but I have the choice. I am choosing to fast. All will be well.

Man I feel like a work alongside cake everyday.

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  1. tough, very tough to resist all those sweet things.